Watching 8 hours long Learn-a-Language-in-Your-Sleep Videos because I lost it somewhere along birth

Hey there bloggers and “bloggees”, I guess.


I got into Learn-A-Language-In-Your-Sleep videos. They probably don’t work. That’s why I started watching them when I am not sleeping. The guy speaking in the audios treats you like an idiot alongside a lullaby completely unrelated to whatever thing you intend to do with the video. Turns out that works with me the best. I love to be treated like an idiot when I am trying to learn a language. I love to hear the same sentences at a 0.5 pace over and over again. I love to hypnotize myself into conditioning so that I can finally grasp the word or sentence and remember it the next time. Which I don’t. Unless I watch the same video a couple more times. Which is hard. Cuz since it is a Learn-A-Language-In-Your-Sleep video, it is 8 hours long and man. I don’t have 8 hours everyday. I usually get like an hour per day. And I realize I am late to bed again every day. Then I hate myself for having a Youtube Disorder, but who am I to judge an innate disorder? Life is less harsh on me when I think all my self-diagnosed disorders are innate. F dem genes.


Anyway, it is sleeping time. I am going to wish everyone in my 8 hour long Learn-A-Language-In-Your-Sleep video sweet dreams and go to sleep. We have a community. Like, since it is a new language, we share our learning experiences with each other. At least that is what the community exists for. But we just end up wishing each other good night all along the chat. It is morning in my town but I keep receiving “Good night” messages. Once I wrote them Good Morning and I got a reply a couple of hours later: good night havle. I replied back: good night to you too. Let’s all sleep now. Let’s sleep like it was our last tonight. I am sure we wouldn’t learn this damn language even if it wasn’t our last tonight. You know what I’m sayin… Anyway.

Stay well and healthy.

See ya dear bloggees, and no autocorrect, for the second time, I’m not trying to write “bloggers”. I don’t deserve a red line under my word, just because I am using my freedom of speech which you obviously don’t recognize. *eye-roll*

By-ah BLOGGEES! UGH!. I am tired of red lines. Seriously WordPress, get a life!


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