What Soft-Hearted Warrior Is All About

Let me start off by saying:

I am not aggressive, but that doesn’t make me less of a warrior, especially a soft-hearted one! 😀

In fact, am just a college student. I’m that Social Science girl who is ready to explore and make mistakes; and eventually learn about those things she considers herself to be and the ones she still doesn’t. And in this journey of fun, happiness, spontaenity and sometimes sorrow and unlucky events, I am willing to take whoever would like to accompany me along! Let’s share things and learn more about each other! Let’s find out what makes us uniquely connected to each other! 🙂 Let’s find our common grounds and support each other despite our differences! Which is basically what this blog is all about: becoming soft-hearted warriors.

I welcome you aboard to my outlier’s blogosphere! Bring some snacks, get all comfy and cozy and let’s get started in the crazy and adventurous journey of life and self discovery!

E ai vamos! 🙂

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